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TEMS is the flagship European initiative to build a resilient data-driven ecosystem in the media sector. Follow our journey to the future of the Cultural and Creative Industry.

About TEMS

Cross-border collaboration and data-driven technology for a more competitive European media industry


B2B exchange platform for fact-checking and news content

European market and co-creation platform within TEMS, facilitating the discovery, collaboration, and storage of diverse 3D data types.

Marketplace for content and services

Distributed marketplace integrated in TEMS Data Space for content syndication and media monitoring services.

Next level DRIVE – The Digital Revenue Initiative

TEMS as a centralized environment for the collection, sharing, and analysis of data related to media trends and personalization services.

Latest news

The second TEMS newsletter is out!

The second TEMS newsletter is out!

Continuing the reports on the TEMS project, we are glad to share our second newsletter, in which we learn about our new partners and events in the project, as well as a deep dive into trials 1 and 2. You can access the second newsletter through this link (click here...

The first TEMS newsletter is already out!

The first TEMS newsletter is already out!

One of the main objectives of the TEMS project is to turn data sharing and the opportunities it generates into a fundamental tool for European media companies, whether they are multinationals or local SMEs. To this end, it is mandatory for us to regularly inform our...

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