Media Industry Context

With the rise of AI technologies and the speed of adoption of AI tools, every industry and in particular the media industry, has understood that there is an urgent need for better data management and control, while at the same time facilitating its circulation in order to optimize value. Media organisations urgently need to cooperate to develop and adopt data-driven processes and solutions that will enable them to regain competitiveness. Can a shared data space revitalize the European media industry and create new opportunities?


European Digital Strategy: Data Spaces

As part of the European Digital Strategy, the European Commission is funding the creation of “data spaces” in 15 different vertical industries including Health, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Finance etc. A data space is a federated data ecosystem based on shared policies and rules that enable specific use cases between trusted data holders, data consumers, apps, infrastructure and service providers.

In 2024: A Data Space For The Media Industry

The EC is now co-funding a large cross-border project tasked to build and run a data space for the media industry. This data space called TEMS – which stands for Trusted European Media data Space – is a joint undertaking of 42 organisations representing hundreds of stakeholders from 12 countries in the cultural and creative sectors. The TEMS consortium includes: 

  • broadcasters, publishers, news agencies, producers, audiovisual national archives, innovation clusters and standardization bodies
  • IT infrastructures companies with proven experience in data space design and operations.

The TEMS partners will together contribute to developing the requirements, designing, and developing the data space common blocks, integrating concrete use-cases, defining and setting-up the governance and business models, and disseminating to all subsectors and growing the ecosystem.


TEMS project is powered by the European Commission and developed by a consortium of 42 organisations representing hundreds of stakeholders from 12 countries in the cultural and creative sectors. It is a core element in the implementation of the European Data Strategy.


By a large-scale deployment of cutting-edge services, infrastructures, and platforms, TEMS aims to redefine the way the media sector will be able to share and extract value from data. This will lead to an economic development and growth of local and regional media ecosystems across Europe. Data is the new currency and data-driven businesses will shape the future.