The first TEMS newsletter is already out!

Apr 2, 2024

One of the main objectives of the TEMS project is to turn data sharing and the opportunities it generates into a fundamental tool for European media companies, whether they are multinationals or local SMEs. To this end, it is mandatory for us to regularly inform our stakeholders about the progress of the project, the milestones we achieve along the way and how our work can be implemented by media professionals and corporations.

With all these goals in mind, we would like to present you our first newsletter, which you can access through this link. In this first instalment we give you a broad introduction of the context and main implications of our project, and we present the eight trials TEMS will rely on to kick off the implementation of data spaces and assess their benefits and challenges.

If you are interested in the impact that data sharing can have on the competitiveness of European media and want to receive TEMS related updates, subscribe here to our newsletter and you will receive every report directly in your inbox. Join us in our journey towards a clean, innovative, and profitable industry!


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